How can we live happily

In today’s world, we all experience depression in our daily lives; A depressed person cannot control life properly and make decisions, but if a person is in a good mood and lives happily, he can achieve everything he wants. In a good mood, you can think better, work better, make better decisions, and live happily & better.

Scientists have been researching the impact of happiness on life and what people can do to live a happier life. The feeling of happiness, in addition to making us feel good, causes physical and mental health and increases life expectancy. In addition to being able to improve individual feelings, happiness can have a direct impact on the environment and the people we are in contact with; For example when our colleague is happy or sad, this feeling is transferred to us unconsciously. We can say that these feelings are contagious, and each person can affect the level of happiness in our lives by making changes in the environment and relationships with us.

Many of us, whether we are happy or sad depend on the past time and our mood, as you know, this is completely wrong because we should only remember our experiences from the past and forget the rest of the memories that make us feel bad and in Regarding the future, no one is aware of it, so there is no reason to be sad about it, although it should not be to the extent that we do not think about our future and do not have a plan for it.

In this article, we try to review some of the methods that lead to happiness in our lives and make us live happily.

How can we live happily?

In today’s society, being sad is more understandable than being happy, as if people have accepted it. In such a way that if we see someone who is happy, we say that she is carefree but we must inform ourselves and society that it is the duty of every human being to live happily and when we allow unhappiness and sadness to enter our lives, we have led our lives in the wrong direction.

The first thing to live happily is to love ourselves first and then love others if we do not love ourselves and others, others will not love us and will not respect us, and this behavior will have a direct impact on our self-confidence.

live happily

5 ways to live happily

The issue of living happily can have challenges for people; There are methods that are a little incompatible, but there are people who use these incompatible methods to make themselves happy.

Maybe you also told your family about your problems as a child, but in order to reduce your sadness, they compare you with others who have more problems than you and say that there are many people who have many problems in life, so be satisfied with your life. Radio and television also use this technique to calm the atmosphere.

Or say to ourselves that we are happy to be alive and we should appreciate life and be happy even if our problems are many.

These methods may be effective for some people, but there are other better ways that we can make life more pleasant for ourselves. Some of these methods are:

How can we live happily| step one accept yourself

All psychologists emphasize that we should love ourselves, but many of us may not care less about this matter and say to ourselves, what does this matter have to do with our happiness? We must know and accept that everything starts with us; When we love ourselves and care about ourselves, we will no longer allow many issues and people to easily upset us and change our mood.
When we value and respect ourselves, others will also have to respect us.
Of course, we should not go too far in this work, which will cause false self-confidence and cause the Dunning-Kruger effect. If you do not know about this psychological effect, read the relevant article.

How can we live happily| step two have positive thinking

In order to think positively, you may think that you should not care about the bad things that exist, but this is not the case. The meaning of positive thinking is keeping calm when facing bad situations and thinking of a solution instead of being sad.
Try to smile even when you are sad, be calm, and predict a positive and bright future for yourselves.

How can we live happily| step three have a plan

We all spend part of our time during the day in vain and without doing anything useful, now this time is more in some people and less in some people. But if we have a basic plan for each day and we know what to devote each moment too, we can do all our work on time and also have enough time for our entertainment.
In this way, we no longer worry about our backlog; By planning, we can sleep on time, exercise, do our backlogs and…
But the question is, how can we plan to do it all the time? Today, with the advancement of technology, special applications have been developed for this purpose, which make plans for each person according to their life conditions. One of these applications is Reda.

How can we live happily| step four Do not suppress your feelings

There is a group of people who do not express their feelings, including anger, discomfort, happiness, etc. and are indifferent to all these feelings, but in fact, this group of people takes refuge inside themselves and takes everything to They pour into them. If you are one of these people, we must say that you are doing something wrong.
Always find a way to vent your emotions and feelings; For example, you can talk to a friend or if you don’t have anyone to do this, you can write your feelings, writing about a topic that is bothering you can bring you a sense of peace.

How can we live happily| step five Take control of stress

Stress exists in everyone’s life and it cannot be prevented, but it can be reduced and controlled by learning techniques such as meditation, relaxation, and yoga.
Stress and mental pressure can endanger our mental health to a great extent, but by learning stress control techniques, it can be greatly reduced and give happiness to our lives.


Every person can improve their lifestyle and live a happier life by learning personal development skills and this is how we can have a happy society. For years, psychologists have focused on improving the quality of human life and have come to the conclusion that one of the most important components of a healthy life is happiness. So by living happily, let’s attract good events and live healthily.

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