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The main concept of the book revolves around its title, which means “swallow your frog”. Swallow a live frog every morning and nothing worse will happen to you during the day. Simply put, start your day by doing something you don’t like at all and you’ve been procrastinating. By doing this, you will be sure that your day will be easier because you have crossed off the worst and most stressful tasks on your to-do list. The frog actually refers to the biggest and most important thing you have to do.

21 important secrets of the book Swallow Your Frog

  1. Clarity of the goal is a basic condition. Not being clear about the goal only brings confusion, and the more clear the goals are, the faster they will be achieved. When you clearly define the behavior for yourself, you will be more motivated to do it.
  2. Every minute of planning is equivalent to 5-10 minutes of saving time. Always plan ahead, as this prevents poor performance.
  3. 80% of the results you get are the result of 20% of your activities. This sentence is known as “Pareto principle“. In other words, this law separates two categories of activities, i.e. “very important minority” and “insignificant majority”.
  4. Before starting, make a list of your tasks and then prioritize them in terms of value and necessity. Before doing anything, get into the habit of starting the most important thing. This is the key to success.
  5. Before starting to do something, make the necessary preparations for it to avoid poor performance. One of the techniques to overcome laziness is to prepare everything before starting anything.
  6. No matter how good you are at something, your knowledge is becoming obsolete. In fact, if you are not progressing, you are regressing.
  7. Whatever your efficiency is, your potential is greater than that which has been implemented so far.
  8. Focus all your thoughts on what you are doing. The sun’s rays do not burn unless they are focused. The main goals are the vital functions of the body.
  9. Avoid justifying your weaknesses, identify them, and plan to improve them. Instead of focusing on problems, look for solutions.
  10. Determine your internal and external limitations or blocking factors and focus on removing them. Remove the factors that prevent you from achieving success.
  11. Walking the path of thousands of miles begins with taking a single step. An English proverb says that one meter is one meter hard, but one centimeter is one centimeter easy.
  12. No one comes to motivate you, no one is your savior, except yourself! Successful people always push themselves to improve their performance and this is precisely the difference between them and unsuccessful people who must be constantly guided and monitored by others.
  13. Although working a lot is sometimes necessary, it does not necessarily lead to higher productivity and efficiency, and even in many cases, the efficiency decreases with the increase in working time.
  14. The more optimistic you are, the more motivated you are to do things. You will be more eager to start and finish things. The highest pleasures are in the enthusiasm that makes a person adventure.
  15. Do not forget the law of constructive laziness! It is necessary to be lazy in doing some things, these are the things that are of low value. Better and more correct use of time and knowing what to devote your valuable time to in order to have the highest effectiveness is one of the most important skills to acquire.
  16. Start your day with the hardest thing. What you can do will have the biggest impact on yourself and your career. This is what most people do the opposite of.
  17. There is no better time than now. Be proactive and get started, figuring out better tools and features along the way. Although at the beginning of the movement, a lot of energy is spent to overcome the stillness, later on, you will need less energy to continue. This principle is known as “inertia of motion”. Time flies anyway, it’s up to you to make the most of it.
  18. The secret of true power is to learn, through constant practice, how not to waste your abilities. Successful people are those who find out what they do well and what makes the most difference in them.
  19. Go step by step, slow and steady. Break large and complex tasks into smaller steps and then do them one at a time.
  20. Consider the consequences of your actions, this also helps with prioritization, your most important actions are those actions that bring you the most consequences. Your correct and accurate prediction of the future and having a long-term time horizon in your personal planning is a signs of your superior thinking.
  21. One of the best ways to avoid laziness is to do more in less time. When you finish one part of the task, you are more motivated to continue with the next part.

All these secrets and golden tips are simple and practical ways to overcome laziness and improve personal development. Today, with the advancement of technology, there are other easy ways to deal with laziness and time management techniques. One of these ways is to use applications that can have the best planning for us according to our activities and time. If you want to stop worrying about your work falling behind, we recommend you install the Rada application.

Reda application is one of these practical applications for time management, the features that are added to it day by day have turned it into a comprehensive and necessary application.

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