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Maybe 30/40 years ago, it was very easy to question meditation. But after the publication of authoritative research on this wonderful exercise, the minds of a large number of audiences, especially people interested in relaxation, were attracted to it.

Meditation has an oriental nature and is very popular in countries where people care about their inner selves. So that our inner strength is freed and can be used freely.

Benefits of meditation in a nutshell:

  • Meditation helps us focus by removing all distractions.
  • Meditation helps to reduce stress and cope with negative emotions.
  • Meditation improves memory.
  • It increases our ability to communicate with others.
  • People who meditate regularly have lower blood pressure.
  • Meditators feel less tired.
  • People who meditate rarely get sick compared to others.
  • Regular meditation prevents genetic damage.
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How to meditate?

Step 1: Plan your meditation. First, you have to promise yourself that you want to meditate regularly, not all at once, if you want to get results, you have to plan. For example, tell yourself that I do this three times a week. So choose a period of time, for example, six months, to get results from meditation and start.
You can also use planning and scheduling applications for personal planning.

step 2: Have a special ritual for yourself. This special ritual can be drinking a glass of fresh milk or coffee. Before starting meditation, try to turn off all electronic devices such as TV, mobile and computer, and if you can, take a short hot shower.

Step 3: Find a suitable place and time. It is better that the place where you meditate is calm and pleasant without human disturbances or strange sounds. Naturally, you cannot meditate when someone is digging a hole at your door with an excavator. The time of meditation is also important. It seems that the morning is more suitable for doing meditation because your mind has rested and is not yet involved in daily life.
Of course, you can also meditate at night to get rid of the tiredness of a day’s work. If you are a beginner, 5 to 10 minutes of meditation is enough to start, gradually you can increase this time. Scented candles and flower bouquets can enhance your meditation experience. Dim the lights or turn off the lights to help you focus.

Step 4: Wear comfortable clothes so that your concentration is not disturbed due to your tight clothes. Loose clothes or pajamas are suitable for meditation.

step 5: What should our body be in? Anyone can have a certain body position to feel comfortable. You may be comfortable on the chair and your friend may be comfortable on the floor! Always try to find the most comfortable position. The most common position is sitting on all fours with a straight and straight back. In this position, your neck is also facing forward and straight.
Put your hands on your thighs and put your legs well in between your body. Of course, all these are not required, you can do meditation even while you are walking.

Step 6: Find your focal point. Your focus point depends on what is most relaxing for you. Is your mind visual, audio or tactile?
For example, if the sound is more attractive to you, you can use words or phrases that give you peace: peace, love, sky, trees, etc.

Apart from these words, you can also use affirmative and positive sentences: I am in a relaxed and comfortable situation or there is nothing to worry about, I am calm and comfortable. If you can’t speak, use pre-recorded voices on the internet.

Smile after you finish your meditation. Be grateful that you were able to take this time for yourself, stay true to your commitment, prove yourself trustworthy, and take the time to get to know yourself and become friends with yourself. These are two amazing minutes of your life!

Meditation is not relaxing 100% of the time. But it has interesting benefits. Teaching meditation is not a complicated task. You can start today and continue for the rest of your life. What do you think about this?

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