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6 Ways to change lifestyle

0 4 mins 2 mths

We all always see small or big changes in our lives. These changes often change our lifestyle. In such cases, we cannot prevent the changes, and the more we resist these changes, the more difficult we make life for ourselves. In this situation, it is […]

life improvement
0 3 mins 2 mths

5 tips to increase concentration while studying

If you are not able to control your mind while studying and your mind can’t focus on one thing, You should think of a solution for it. If you do not concentrate while studying, you will not understand the meaning of the material and your […]

life improvement planning
0 3 mins 2 mths

Work less, enjoy more with Pareto principle

The Pareto Principle is one of the most useful concepts for time management techniques. This concept is inspired by the 80/20 rule, which argues that if 20% of your activities account for 80% of your results, But the reverse of this story, that is, having […]

life improvement schedule
0 4 mins 2 mths

Top techniques for increasing self-discipline

Imagine that half of the day has passed and you have done all your work and now you are drinking your coffee in peace and you have a few extra hours to enjoy life.All of us can experience such a life. It is only necessary […]

life improvement
0 5 mins 2 mths

Mistakes in planning that may happen

We all need to have a detailed plan to live a purposeful life. But if our planning has mistakes, it may take us away from our long-term goals. So how can we prevent these mistakes from happening?Here we remind you of the points that must […]

my personal plan
2 4 mins 2 mths

Personal planning methods

For anyone, time can be his most valuable possession. Successful people value time like gold and pay special attention to it. We should also pay special attention to time in personal planning. The issue of time management techniques has become a challenging issue today because, […]