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Types of chakras 7 chakras of the body

What is the 7 chakra and where is it located?

0 9 mins 2 weeks

If you are one of the people who follow the topics of energy therapy and mystical scientific topics of the East, you have heard the name chakra. But the main question here is what is this chakra and how it helps us. In this article, […]

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long-term goals
0 7 mins 3 weeks

You are 5 steps away from reaching your long-term goals

Focusing on the goal is one of the most important abilities of personal development. We all have different goals, and sometimes it will take months or maybe years to achieve some of these goals. In such a situation, most people stay away from their long-term […]

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mindfulness meditation
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Meditation training in 6 steps + guaranteed method

Maybe 30/40 years ago, it was very easy to question meditation. But after the publication of authoritative research on this wonderful exercise, the minds of a large number of audiences, especially people interested in relaxation, were attracted to it. Meditation has an oriental nature and […]

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golden ways to reduce stress
0 7 mins 3 weeks

7 golden ways to reduce stress in a busy life

Stress causes many problems. In some people, it increases their weight by increasing their appetite. In others, it causes weight loss by reducing appetite. Stress can even threaten the body with more serious risks, such as cancer. Nowadays, there are few people who are not […]

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eat the frog_time_management
0 7 mins 4 weeks

Summary of the book Swallow Your Frog by Brian Tracy

The main concept of the book revolves around its title, which means “swallow your frog”. Swallow a live frog every morning and nothing worse will happen to you during the day. Simply put, start your day by doing something you don’t like at all and […]

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personal development skills
0 6 mins 1 mth

What are personal development skills?

Personal development means trying to become a better version of yourself. To grow in personal development, we must take the right steps; Steps that will surely lead us to our targets.Personal development techniques include methods and techniques that improve your personality and capabilities and make […]

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Eisenhower matrix
0 5 mins 2 mths

Prioritizing tasks and activities Eisenhower matrix

Mr. Eisenhower (the 34th President of the United States) never thought that his simple method of prioritizing activities and time management techniques would become a golden rule.The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple tool for prioritizing tasks and time management. By knowing the Eisenhower matrix, we […]

0 4 mins 2 mths

How to use the Pomodoro technique?

The Pomodoro technique is a tool for time management techniques. This method, which was first proposed by Francesco Cirillo in the late eighties, is still widely used today.The Pomodoro technique was first implemented with a tomato-shaped timer. Pomodoro is also named after it resembles a […]

0 5 mins 2 mths

5 tips for the basic planning

If you want a useful day, don’t forget that you need a basic plan. A program that can reduce your wasted time during the day. We all have goals in life that we want to achieve. If you cannot achieve your goal, you cannot achieve […]

planning time management
0 8 mins 2 mths

Are you familiar with time management techniques?

Imagine you have an afternoon date with your friends and you are playing billiards in a coffee shop while the company work is over and you have done your personal work as well. This Imagine is not far from reality, we all can turn this […]

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