Imagine you have an afternoon date with your friends and you are playing billiards in a coffee shop while the company work is over and you have done your personal work as well. This Imagine is not far from reality, we all can turn this Image into reality by learning time management techniques.
Time is one of the most valuable human resources. If we can use our time effectively, we can say that we are familiar with the subject of time management. Time management can help people get more done in less time and also improve the quality of their work.
People who are familiar with time management techniques can increase their productivity and use every moment and ultimately help to improve their quality of life.

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Here are some techniques for time management, following which you can do your work properly and have time for daily entertainment.

History of time management

People have been looking for ways to do things more efficiently and faster since the dawn of human civilizations. For example, our ancestors first thought about how they could hunt animals for food better and faster, or They even thought about how they could light the fire in a better way.
But it wasn’t until the late 1800s and early 1900s that anyone took a purposeful, scientific approach to getting things done faster with less effort. Frederick Winslow Taylor is generally considered the father of time management because he published his book Principles of Scientific Time Management in 1911, which, along with the work of Frank and Lillian Gilbert, laid the foundation for today’s time management techniques.
It began as an effort to increase productivity in manufacturing, focused on the efficiency of workers and employees, quickly spread to people’s offices, and eventually encompassed the home environment. Taylor was looking for the best way to do any job, standardizing methods and tools in order to increase productivity.

History of time management
The issue of time and productivity in time is one of the issues that must be addressed seriously in order to realize the concept of personal growth.

Benefits of time management

  • Reducing stress
  • Improve self-discipline
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increased focus
  • More opportunities
  • Increasing the quality of work
  • Increasing decision-making power
  • Increased energy

Tips for time management skills

Have a plan

Having a daily schedule for doing activities and setting deadlines for them can be effective for time management. Think about what days you need to dedicate to doing specific tasks.
You can use scheduling applications to plan and manage tasks. One of these applications is the All in One Reda application. You can click on the link to install the All In One time management techniques application.

Using the Pareto principle

If you want to get better results in different aspects of life and also increase your productivity by reducing the amount of effort and energy. You can do these things by using Pareto’s law. Using this law, will help you to achieve the desired results with the issues that have a higher priority and achieve more success in life.

Enhance concentration

Increased concentration can improve the speed of doing things so that you can get more done in a shorter amount of time. Because there are many factors during the day that reduce your focus from doing more important things and make you devote more time to doing your work.
For example, if you listen to the news while reading at the same time, you will not be able to have a useful reading, and you will not understand anything from the news.

Avoid wasting time

Try to avoid things that waste your time as much as possible. Virtual networks are one of the most important wasters. Try to place these devices in a place where you cannot reach them while studying.

Just do one thing

Always focus on one task at a time and don’t multitask. This makes you not fully focus on any of the tasks. Every task requires concentration and if you have divided your concentration and attention between several tasks, you certainly won’t get the desired performance and You will spend more time on each task.


To save and manage time, you need to prioritize your tasks. This allows you to devote your time to more important tasks and avoid doing unimportant tasks at the beginning of the day when you have more energy.

Eisenhower matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple tool for prioritizing tasks and time management. By knowing the Eisenhower matrix, we learn how to make the best use of our time.

Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique was first implemented with a tomato-shaped timer. Pomodoro is also named after it resembles a tomato. Francesco Cirillo uses this technique to pursue and advance academic goals at the university.

Set a time limit for doing things

Limiting time is another way to manage time, in addition to being result oriented, you should also add time limits to your daily tasks. They need to be done.

Do your most important tasks first thing in the morning

One of the secrets of the success of successful people is that they do all their important work in the morning. So you can also use this experience of the elders regarding time management.
Try to do all the priority tasks, from work appointments to office tasks, and even study and shop in the morning. And arrange a compact and detailed plan for your every morning. This work will help you. that in the middle of the day, you have done an important part of your work, and deal with the rest of your work more flexibly.

Eisenhower box

This load-organizing technique was implemented by former President Dwight Eisenhower. It includes a matrix that helps you categorize tasks based on priorities and the time you should invest in them. The quadrants to be classified are as follows.

Pomodoro technique

Since its creator used a tomato-shaped timer, it is temporarily used to divide work into periods of time with the goal of increasing one’s productivity and making the most of the available time, as appropriate.

GTD technology

The method of GTD, which can be translated as “getting things done”, is a global organization technique invented by the American David Allen. This self-management method also considers professional and private activities and classifies them according to the type and amount of work they imply. One of the benefits of GTD is that one is encouraged to immediately write down what needs to be done, which frees up the mind.

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