golden ways to reduce stress

Stress causes many problems. In some people, it increases their weight by increasing their appetite. In others, it causes weight loss by reducing appetite. Stress can even threaten the body with more serious risks, such as cancer.

Nowadays, there are few people who are not involved with stress and its destructive effects. Modern life brings so much busyness and responsibility that automatically makes a person suffering from severe stress. So we have to find ways to reduce this stress and eliminate it as much as possible. Stay with us in the rest of the article to provide you with the best solutions for treating severe stress.

Stressful factors

waking up late

When you wake up on time or even 10 minutes earlier: you are relaxed, you eat breakfast with peace of mind and you can make good decisions during the day. Because you have eaten breakfast and lunch on time enough, you go to the gym after work and do exercises that can reduce your stress.

Lack of daily planning

Not having a basic daily schedule can disrupt the order of life. For this reason, you should plan your daily life so that you have enough time to experience moments full of peace. Scheduling your daily tasks and having a plan will make you less stressed. Even if your job is stressful, this way you can master the rest of your day and feel relaxed. You will definitely be surprised by the positive results you get from this solution.
You can use the planning application in order to have a basic plan that fits your living conditions. There are many planning applications, but you need an application that can solve all your needs in the field of planning and time management techniques.
The Reda application is a comprehensive application for time management and planning, to which the developers add features based on artificial intelligence day by day so that it can become an essential application in the field of personal development.

Staying in a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships that constantly exist in your life are important to stress factors. Research has shown that such relationships are more stressful than our relationships with our enemies. Set strict rules for those who arrive late or even those who cancel their appointments, because such people will stress you too much!

Wasting time on useless things

Unfortunately, there are many unnecessary things that humans enjoy doing, it can checking email, social networks, watching TV, etc. If you can manage your time, and don’t waste your time with useless things, be sure that your body and brain will thank you for this!

Spending time on social networks

It can be claimed that the current generation is not familiar with the subject of time management and stress reduction. We live, work, and even rest in front of screens. The scariest thing is that we fall asleep in front of screens! These habits are harmful to health.
Limit your social media pages as much as you can. Communication with people is definitely not as necessary as you think. By doing this, you can have more time for yourself, and the more time you have, the less stress you will have.

ways to reduce stress

7 golden tips to reduce stress

  1. Take a deep breath: This simple strategy is one of the most powerful ways to combat stress. Deep breathing causes stress hormones to decrease, The heart rate will decrease, and Blood pressure will decrease. For this, it is necessary to sit slowly with your hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest. Then slowly and deeply inhale through the nose so that you feel the lungs. Hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth, so that all the air in the lungs is emptied. Repeat this several times.
  2. Meditate: meditation helps you get your thoughts away from stressful and chaotic issues and focus on peace and tranquility. Meditation restores your sense of inner peace.
  3. Reduce your caffeine intake: Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. Caffeine in high amounts can have a negative effect on the level of stress and anxiety. The sensitivity of different people to caffeine is different from each other. If you feel that consuming caffeinated beverages has increased your anxiety and stress levels, it is better to avoid consuming these foods as much as possible. Instead of coffee and caffeinated drinks, you can use herbal green tea such as chamomile tea. According to London University researchers, chamomile tea is also a traditional tea to reduce stress and calm the mind, regular tea will also make you more resistant to stress.
  4. Exercise: Exercise to control your heart rate. Do aerobic exercise. Free your mind by walking, cycling, or swimming for just 20 minutes a day to reduce stress hormones.
  5. Eat good food: When we’re very stressed, many of us turn to stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and comfort foods. While we should eat relaxing foods when we are stressed. The best way to increase energy is to eat healthy and delicious foods. Consuming nutritious foods, which are a reliable source of energy supply, guarantees well-being and protects the body in times of stress.
  6. Manage your energy: Every minute of the day you are faced with opportunities that either drain or renew your energy.
  7. Thinking positively: Self-criticism can increase stress. So you have to have an opposite approach. Talk to yourself and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and instead of saying: (I know I can’t) say: (I can).
  8. listen to music: Experts say, music calms the heartbeat and subsequently soothes the soul. So, in difficult and worrying situations, you can relax by listening to a song that has a gentle rhythm. It is interesting to know that the results of scientists’ research have proven that listening to calm and classical music for 30 minutes has a sedative effect equivalent to taking 10 milligrams of Valium (diazepam).

What other strategies do you do to reduce your stress? Please share with us and the users the solutions you do to reduce stress and send this article to those who need it.

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