If you want a useful day, don’t forget that you need a basic plan. A program that can reduce your wasted time during the day. We all have goals in life that we want to achieve. If you cannot achieve your goal, you cannot achieve success. Basic planning can make you do more things in less time. You can get more job satisfaction by learning basic planning.
Most people set a plan to do their work and goals in life, but due to a lack of knowledge of basic planning, they cannot implement it as they should. In this article, with basic steps and techniques for writing programs and avoiding mistakes in planning, you can have executable programs.

Definition of basic planning

There are different definitions for planning, but the best and simplest definition is this:
Planning is activities that must be done regularly and continuously to reach our goals. Basic planning can make you do more things in less time.

What are the principles of time management and planning?

Time management techniques mean that we can use our 24 hours effectively. So that we can do the most things in the shortest time.
In general, the goal of time management and planning in life is that you can handle more tasks in a given period. Planning means scheduling tasks based on priority and time management means completing these tasks in a specific time.

The importance of basic planning

All successful people like us have 24 hours in a day, yet why can they do more things in a day? The answer is clear because these people have plans for their lives and use time management techniques in their lives.

quotes of successful people about planning

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. You may delay, but time will not. Benjamin Franklin (1998).
If you don’t know where you are going, you will not reach your destination(Yogi Berra)
Planning in life makes you envision the future and make changes in it. (Alan Lakin)
Planning is a type of prospective decision and decision-making process before action. (Russell Lincoln Ackoff)

Benefits of basic planning

If we want to briefly mention the benefits of having the program, we can mention the following:

  • Reach the goal
  • Reducing nervous pressure
  • increasing the self-confidence
  • Job promotion
  • Feeling satisfied
  • Increase personal discipline

5 ways to plan successfully


Setting appropriate goals

The first step to planning is setting personal goals. Having goals that focus on health, personal growth, and success, as well as goals that help those around you, is also very effective.

Division of work

In the second step, divide the work you have written into three categories:
A- The things you have to do yourself,
B- Things you can allow others to do,
C-And the tasks that you should completely eliminate.
At this stage, the tasks you have to do become apparent, and some of them are also as a result, your list will be shorter and only the most important tasks will remain.

Prioritize tasks

The fourth step you need to take for successful planning is prioritizing tasks. Properly prioritizing tasks throughout the day, week, month, a year will make you progress and grow quickly.
Emergency works: These works are called important and urgent works.
Intelligent tasks: These tasks are important and non-urgent.
Idle work: This category of work is unimportant and urgent.
Stupid work: This category of work is unimportant and non-urgent.

Using the Pareto Principle to find the 20%

You can use the 80-20 rule in writing daily plans. Remember that only 20% of what you do will make you grow. Therefore, in daily planning, more should be given to the first 20% and devote time to it.

Eat the frog; Start the day with important tasks

Always start your daily activities by doing the most important things. People who start small will not make much progress at the end of the day because they haven’t done the things that are important in the 20% and have done things that were simpler and more enjoyable.

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