A "Goal" without a paln is just a wish "REDA onlinetodo"

First online app based on 24-hour time frame for personal progress

online todo reda

If you feel confused in life and can’t do and finish your tasks on time

By installing the Rada application, you can get your free time and adjust your tasks accordingly, and graphically see the remaining time and the tasks you need to do


Prioritizing tasks based on importance

User friendly

Beautiful and user-friendly ux design

Set goals

The possibility of configuring long-term goals


Support for several living languages ​​of the world

Set alarm

The possibility of setting an alarm in order not to forget things


Feel free to send a message to +90 552 664 5226 with WhatsApp and ask your questions.


Analysis of progress in reaching the goal

device compatibility

Reda application is compatible with all Android mobile phones, so you can use it safely.

Free, User Friendly and simple

Its user-friendliness and simplicity of use have made users have no problem using it and easily define their to-do lists and complete them on time. With the Rada application, you can go online anywhere and anytime Access your work.

Reda app them

Reda is a task scheduling application that can improve people’s lifestyle.
If you feel confused in life and can’t do and finish your tasks on time, install reda.

If you have long-term goals which you want to achieve within the next few months you must install  Reda now And plan for that big goal Reach it by the time you plan to reach it.